What is Secure Erase?

Secure Erase is a function built into some SSDs. It requires special firmware. A command can be sent to that SSD via a software command or push-button, and the drive’s firmware will then non-destructively, or destructively erase the data.

Non-destructive Secure Erase – In this version, the drive’s firmware rapidly writes “0’s” across the entire drive. Since Memoright has the fastest write speed, it can do this faster than any other drive. All Memoright brand SSDs SHOULD support non-destructive secure erase in the near future. We already have their Windows XP secure erase program. We are just waiting on drive support. Contact us if this is a requirement for you.

Destructive Secure Erase – This method renders the drive UNUSABLE, and happens very very fast. It can be activated by a software command, or by a push button located on the drive itself, or by a remote push-button.

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