Uses of Solid State Disks

High-performance computing – See our news and reviews for independent testing that shows how much faster ANY system will run when operating an SSD as its primary or important data drive.  Workstations and gaming:  Your computer will boot faster and applications will load faster.  We’ve seen 20 seconds taken off load times of Adobe CS2, an improvement of nearly 50%.  Our Flight Simulator X Demo loads 4X faster with an MTRON SSD compared with a top of the line (not average) hard disk.

Databases / Servers – Every sector is instantly accessible.  Fragmentation does not affect an SSD.  So this makes them great for any database application, Video On Demand, e-mail servers, etc.  Reduce life-cycle costs with SSDs.  They last much longer than hard disks, and therefore will not have to be replaced as often

Military / industrial – SSDs are a must for critical data storage weather the computer is wearable, portable, or stationary.  Aviation use / marine use, field use.  Unlike hard disks, SSDs can resist 1000 – 1500G’s of OPERATING shock.  They can endure severe vibration that would kill a hard disk.

Notebook / portable use.  SSDs consume less power than a hard disk, so battery life is improved.  Want high performance AND massive storage?  Choose a notebook, such as those by Falcon Northwest that offer more than one drive bay.  Use the MTRON SSD for the OS and critical apps, and a secondary hard disk for data storage.

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Post Author: Victor Romero