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Importance of Cyber Security

It is a prediction of Cyber Security San Antonio Texas specialists that there will be 200 billion connected things by 2020. Urban communities, homes, planes, autos and even creatures are being connected. The software is turning into a piece of our day to day life. Our way of living and our behavior and interaction with our general surroundings has essentially changed.

We’re becoming more and more reliant on the technology as it is becoming deeply coordinated into our lives. But the fear of the failure of the technology also comes with this dependence.

Consider the possibility that your cell phone comes up short on the battery while you’re on the road. It might feel like the end of the universe; you can’t get to your contacts, your GPS, or whatever else.

The accessibility, assurance, and security of the technology are imperative in this age. We may endure numerous outcomes in our everyday lives if this doesn’t occur.

We’re surrounded by the cyber security problems

There are many individuals who’re stressed over the future of the technology, while the greater part of them have a positive perspective of technology. You ought to have some information of genuine cyber security issues with the goal that you may comprehend that how is it influencing the technology these days.

There are numerous expert hackers, who’re attempting to make the technology more secure with their endeavors. In any case, there are a few hackers who end up noticeably discouraged by having a similar issue over and over.

Technology is becoming more and more insecure, while we’re increasingly depending on it. A huge number of the technology can easily be hacked.

We see examples of this every day: There a lot of things that got hacked in the past few years such as Implantable medical devices like pacemakers, a famous U.S smart home alarm system, Cars, critical infrastructure like a dam and a power grid, plane systems, smart city technology, mobile banking apps etc.

Every year, in technologies from well-known vendors, thousands of cyber security problems are identified. Some of these vendors face the security problems each year while they’re among the best cyber security.

Cybersecurity Threats

It is found in the recent report on IoT cyber security that encryption of communication is not enabled in 70% devices, while a survey relates that one of the top concerns of people and businesses is privacy and cyber security.

Over the past few years, the cyber attacks have been growing quickly. The cyber attacks become easier and more dangerous due to the cyber security problems. There are many reasons due to which these cyber security problems may take place today.

We need to become more advanced and secure for the future, in terms of cyber security, otherwise, we’ll be getting the whole world into a lot of danger. Cyber criminals are wise enough these days. We need to be one step ahead of them to ensure the privacy and security to the technology users.

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The Best IBM Open Systems

Companies that are supposed to update their website on daily basis would find that the IBM servers are an excellent option for them as they can help them fulfill their requirements. The IBM systems can help you move to the advancements.

For more information, you can take a look at datatechcomputer.com – IBM 8202-E4b serve info. Let’s have a look at the best power systems available in the market to provide advancement to your business.


This power system has the ability to control the data and provide you the perfect performance. It’s available at affordable rates. This power system will help you a lot if you have a company that deals with a lot of data.

IBM power system S822LC is the perfect option for you if you’re in search of the powerful servers that can provide you efficiency throughout the work. The price of the system starts from $5,999.


When you have a Linux workload and you need efficient performance, you should go for the commercial computing system. As compared to the other systems you will get the availability, reliability, and services.

You will be able to get the economic advantages from this system and you don’t have to invest a lot of money. This system is a long-term and reliable partner for big data and Java clients and it allows you to produce better results.

The starting price of this IBM power system is $9,699.


The foundations of these both systems are on power 8 processors. It can handle double of the workload as compared to the other systems which become slow with the time.

These systems can also support open system visualization technology, and the response time of the system is superior. The starting price of these systems is $7,973.


Due to the advancement of a system, many people are switching towards the latest servers which are able to provide them the performance they are craving for. These systems can help them build a better reputation in the market.

This system has the ability to analyze the unstructured data and structured information throughout the system. People who are looking for something reliable to manage the work load and to provide the improved services should definitely go for this system.

The starting price of the system is $16,419.


This system helps in controlling the massive workloads. It has the ability to provide you fast computing and database performance for the high visualization. It has the ability to handle an intensive workload.

The starting price of the system is $5,999. If you are the one who is looking for the advanced system then you must take a look at this system. This system can help you build your company’s strength by managing most of the tasks in no time.

Uses of Solid State Disks

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High-performance computing – See our news and reviews for independent testing that shows how much faster ANY system will run when operating an SSD as its primary or important data drive.  Workstations and gaming:  Your computer will boot faster and applications will load faster.  We’ve seen 20 seconds taken off load times of Adobe CS2, an improvement of nearly 50%.  Our Flight Simulator X Demo loads 4X faster with an MTRON SSD compared with a top of the line (not average) hard disk.

Databases / Servers – Every sector is instantly accessible.  Fragmentation does not affect an SSD.  So this makes them great for any database application, Video On Demand, e-mail servers, etc.  Reduce life-cycle costs with SSDs.  They last much longer than hard disks, and therefore will not have to be replaced as often

Military / industrial – SSDs are a must for critical data storage weather the computer is wearable, portable, or stationary.  Aviation use / marine use, field use.  Unlike hard disks, SSDs can resist 1000 – 1500G’s of OPERATING shock.  They can endure severe vibration that would kill a hard disk.

Notebook / portable use.  SSDs consume less power than a hard disk, so battery life is improved.  Want high performance AND massive storage?  Choose a notebook, such as those by Falcon Northwest that offer more than one drive bay.  Use the MTRON SSD for the OS and critical apps, and a secondary hard disk for data storage.

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Benefits of Solid State Disks

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Since SSDs are flash memory, each sector is instant accessible at <1ms! The MTRON drives featured on this site boast an access time of .1ms. That is 84X faster than a 74GB 10,000 RPM Raptor Hard Disk. The MTRONs also read at a sustained 100MB/s! Since there are no moving parts, SSDs are super-rugged. You can drop your laptop, or operate your tablet in the field with no fear of damaging your data. Pilots can install and SSD in an aviation laptop with no altitude limitations (hard disks will fail above 10,000 feet). SSDs operate in absolute silence, so they are great for home theater applications.

SSDs outlast hard disks by a factor of at least 3 to 1. 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 hour MTBF (time between failures) rating mean your computer will become obsolete before the SSD fails. Forget what you think you know about write cycles too. MTRON SSDs will last >140 YEARS if you write 50GB per day to them.

Standard temperature SSDs operate in a wider temperature environment than hard disks can (0 to 70C) while industrial (wide temp) models operate from -40C to 85C (-40F to 185F). SSDs run cooler and consume a FRACTION of the power of a hard disk, making SSDs ideal for everyone, from portable use, to energy-conscious desktop use, to massive server farms.

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