SSD performance is based ONLY on the manufacturer and series, NOT by the connector.  Think about it.  The bandwith of IDE is 133MB/s, yet no hard drive in the world can sustain that speed…Not even a 10,000RPM SATA II Raptor!  In other words, Western Digital COULD make an IDE Raptor of the same performance.  Example number 2: We carry an MTRON 32GB IDE (PATA) SSD that SUSTAINS A READ SPEED of 105MB/s!  Thats and IDE SSD that is MUCH faster than a SATA Raptor hard disk, and faster than most SATA SSDs as well.

Samsung has announced “SATA II” SSDs that will read at 100MB/s.  The MTRON PRO SSDs are SATA I, but read at over 110MB/s.  So in this case SATA I is FASTER than SATA II.  Remember what SATA II really is.  It’s NOTHING.  It’s an extra set of commands in the SATA command set.  The problem is, a company can just use SOME of those extra commands and call their drive SATA II.  A different company can use different extra commands and also call their drive “SATA II” but each drive can support completely different features.

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